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Hergetwithcarriage2There are few institutions in the country that have lasted as long and served as such a great source of pride and strength as the Cincinnati Observatory.

Since it’s dedication in 1843, eight generations have watched the Observatory adapt, expand, and mature into the renowned institution that it is today. This has been possible because of the high value our community has afforded the Observatory.

The admission price is purposefully kept low. Our goal is to make the facilities financially accessible to as much of the community as possible. The reality is that it costs a lot more than $5 per visitor to keep the telescopes operational, the classes open, and the buildings maintained.

Quite simply, your donation will be used to preserve the "Birthplace of American Astronomy,” as well as expand the reach and scope of our educational programs.

We ask for your help in our mission to maintain the integrity of a 19th century working Observatory while continuing to be a regional resource for astronomy and science education.

In addition to general donations there are some specific programs available:

IMGP1324b1Underwriting Education and Public Programming - While we revel in our historic telescopes, our education programs make the Observatory a unique and vibrant institution. In 2011, our programs reached 77 schools and 12,000 students through field trips and outreach visits to schools.  We have received a dramatic increase in requests for free programming from underserved audiences that have no extra-curricular budgets.  Your support as an educational underwriter, at any level, will help meet this demand

Matching Funds – For all G.E. employees who donate to the Cincinnati Observatory Center, General Electric will match those gifts 100%. Check with your company to see if they offer a similar program.

Donating Stock – Talk to your financial advisor about donating stocks to the Observatory. It is a great way to benefit this unique institution.

Include the Observatory in your Will – Plan to leave a lasting contribution for future generations - to experience the “WOW” of looking through telescopes or learning about the stars above.

The Cincinnati Observatory Center is a non-profit 501c3 and all donations are fully tax-deductible. If you would like to help please contribute online below or write to us at:

Cincinnati Observatory Center
3489 Observatory Place
Cincinnati, OH 45208

Or feel free to call us at 513-321-5186 to discuss other options.


“Community Shares of Greater Cincinnati is a partnership of 27 local nonprofit organizations building social and economic equity and a healthy environment in Greater Cincinnati. Community Shares raises awareness and support for its member organizations through workplace giving campaigns, professional enrichment, community education, and a variety of innovative initiatives.”


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